Of course, the ultimate goal of our rescue is to get as many dogs into new, loving, forever homes as possible. If you are interested in providing a forever home for one of our pups, please visit our adoptable gallery and fill out an adoption application. If you have any questions on the adoption process, please contact us!
​If you can't Adopt, Foster.
Since we do not have a physical location, each and every one of our dogs resides in a foster home. We could not save the lives we do without our fosters.  We provide foster families with a crate, collar/leash, treats, toys, and all veterinary care for their foster. Fosters just need to provide love and patience. We can match you with the perfect dog for your family. Please fill out a foster application or contact us if you are interested in fostering.

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If you can't Foster, Volunteer.

Please visit our Events page for a list of events we will be attending and to see if we are in need of volunteers, or email us to see how else you can volunteer your time. Can you help our pitties get from place to place? We often need assistance transporting dogs to and from foster homes and vet appointments. If you can help transport, please contact us!

If you can't Volunteer, Donate.

​Donations keep our operations running.  We spend 100% of what we bring in on our dogs. We are completely volunteer run. Our Director is unpaid, as are all of our fosters. Our reward is knowing that these dogs get a second chance at life and go to loving families. To give a monetary donation, please click on the Paypal Donate button.

​To donate products or supplies, please visit our Amazon Wish List. We also need bleach, bleach tablets, clothes detergent tablets, and bleach wipes for our spay & neuter clinic. To donate any of these items, please contact clinic@adoptapitrescue.orgfor drop-off locations.

​If you can't Donate, Educate.

If you hear someone make an incorrect statement about Pit Bulls or Bully breeds, speak up, correct them. Be polite, but make sure they know that they are repeating fallacies and that this type of information condemns innocent dogs to death. Help spread knowledge, not fear. Be an advocate everyday to everyone for every dog. 

For information to debunk the common myths you'll hear from people, BadRap.org is an excellent resource.

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